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Video: Building Purpose-Driven Culture

Organizations today have an opportunity to use their culture as an anchoring mechanism in uncertain times. Culture is a powerful force and, if we can understand it, we’ll be better positioned to influence it in a way that fosters sustained employee engagement. At August Jackson, our mission is to put purpose into practice. We believe that when people practices are aligned to a shared purpose, organizations will be able to use their purpose-driven culture to drive sustained, ongoing employee engagement.



Learn more about our Employee Engagement Practice and meet Jacque Patterson, Employee Engagement Practice Leader.

Employee engagement: building a purpose-driven culture

We believe the purpose and culture are absolutely linked in order to drive employee engagement. Purpose is so important. We know that 73% of millennials want to work for an organization that has a deep purpose. And for everyone. Whenever you can clearly see and feel how your job is connected to a deeper purpose, it’s incredibly powerful.

How do you define purpose in an organizational setting?

We define purpose as the “true North” or the “guiding light” that’s driving organizational decisions. Sometimes that’s the business strategy or the mission. Sometimes it’s the employer value proposition or a special initiative. It’s the “why” that’s driving the decisions that are being made. At AJ, we’re all about aligning purpose to practice. So by helping organizations identify their shared purpose, and then taking a look at the people practices – the structures, the people, the processes within it – we can align those to help organizations drive a purpose-driven culture that results in sustained employee engagement.

How does August Jackson help its clients build purpose-driven culture?

We’ve developed an Employee Engagement Framework that helps guide our conversations with clients. By looking at a few key areas, we can determine if the people practices in an organization are working together or against the shared purpose of an organization. When we work with clients, we can help them look at their people practices holistically or dive deep into one particular area. At AJ, we’re uniquely positioned to help them develop a strategy, and then bring it to life through stories, symbols and rituals with our amazing creative, beautiful design, and flawless execution capabilities.

At August Jackson, we believe that developing powerful brand engagement begins with mutual understanding and strong partnerships. We value the relationships we have with our clients and, together, aim to develop activations and communities built from the same foundation. 

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